4 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Are you looking for cabinet ideas? There’s a lot to kitchen designs than what meets the eye. Faucets, lighting, cabinet, and decor are all fragments of the puzzle of an ideal kitchen. Kitchen cupboards are either the affliction or lifeline of your kitchen based on whether you have a bountiful of them and how orderly they are. They help you organize your cooking space. The gamut of kitchen cabinet design ideas can appear pretty much limitless. But the fact is that kitchen cabinet styles mainly fall among a few categories, which will surely suit your design taste. Here are some different cabinet designs from which you can choose.

Shaker cabinet design

The most usual design for kitchen cabinets today is the shaker style. This style showcases classic, clean, and functional designs. Shaker cabinets are units that are simple but elegant. The shaker cabinet design consists of flat paneled doors with rail frames, natural wood finishes, and light colors or neutral paint hues like white or gray, with clean inside and outside edges. Most of the time, the materials used for shaker-style kitchen cupboards are high-quality American wood, especially the kind found in the northeastern United States. Cherry, maple, hickory, and quarter-sawn oak are some most commonly used types of wood for shaker cabinets. This cabinet has a perpetual design and excellent craftsmanship.

Flat-panel cabinet doors

Flat-panel cabinet doors are also known as slab cabinet doors. These are flat slabs that can immediately convert your kitchen cabinets to a more modern look. The slab kitchen cabinet designs hold out hard lines and minimalist forms and lack any expensive detail. Often slab cabinets conjointly go with contemporary designs but with a modern look. There are various ways in which the construction of slab cabinets can be done. One prime feature of these designs is that they do not have any frames. They are relatively less costly to construct since less material and labor are required. Since they do not have nooks, crannies, or corners, they are easier to clean. This design is pretty trendy as more homeowners are looking to add the slab design to their kitchen.

Louvered style cabinet

It is a unique design usually found in kitchen islands and decorative cupboards. Louvered kitchen cabinets consist of horizontal wooden slats, and most of them have spaces between each slat. They are a noteworthy option for cabinets that need ventilation. This design is likely to be seen on windows, interior doors, etc. Louvered cabinet design adds a classic and unique style to your kitchen cabinet.

Glass-front cabinet

A glass-front cabinet design can make for a pleasant and applicative focal point in your kitchen. It has to blend with solid cabinet doors. It is mainly used as a functional upper cabinet to show off your glassware, cookbooks, bowls, or vases. You can add lights to these cabinets and create a perfect ambiance.

Cabinets are without doubt the backbone of a modern kitchen. It is the cabinets that keep your kitchen neat. So use these tips and choose a good, applicable cabinet design for your kitchen as per your needs.