How To Apply Different Types Of Eyeliner

From the look of liquid eyeliner to congestion and blemishes, eyeliner is one of the most popular and versatile beauty products in all cosmetic bags. For so long, the problem is that many of us have become accustomed to the specific way of wearing eyeliner that we have lost some serious creativity when we take full advantage of the potential of the eyeliner. Whether you want to use another colored pencil or you finally want the shape of the wings to be just right, keep rolling and you can (and I hope) wear all kinds of eyeliners from start to finish.

Here are some of the different types to apply eyeliner and get ready with a classy and stylish look.

1. Natural Style Eyeliner Look:

It is designed to give the eyes a natural look. This is the simplest and most natural basic eyeliner. Suitable for daily makeup. It can be easily accomplished in just a few minutes. The key to this style is to simply follow the natural shape of the eyes. First, draw shorter and shorter strokes along the upper lash line. Do not attempt any strokes from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the line, because it will be difficult to connect and create a smooth line. Instead, draw a few smaller strokes first, then go through them, and then connect them

2. Classic Cat Eyeliner look:

Flawless cat eyes can completely change your appearance. To do it perfectly, it is recommended to use a gel or liquid eyeliner. Begin by outlining your inner eye. Thicken it when removed, extending upward and outward from the outer corner of the eye. Then line your lower lash line. You can create a lovely look by adding some mascara to complete the look.

3. Heavy Bottom Style Eyeliner Look:

Everyone likes to have bigger and bolder eyes. This style will help highlight and highlight your eyes in the best way. Apply cream-colored kajal on your waterline. Next, start to lightly apply the line with an applicator brush or pencil brush, and then use a thicker method to lightly tap it down to the lower lash line at the bottom.

4. Sleek Winged Eyeliner Look:

Soft winged eyeliner is the most widely used eyeliner style. The best part about the soft winged liner is that it works well during the day or at night. Start using a soft winged eyeliner on the innermost corner of the eye and pay special attention to the upper lash line. Smear the eyeliner a little to the outer corner of the eye and finish it neatly without smudging. You can bare your lower lash line or open your eye with a naked pen. This is how a soft winged eyeliner is nailed.

5. Dramatic Eyeliner Look:

The dramatic look of the eyeliner is similar to the cat-eye look, but this look is strong and more suitable for parties. When connecting a line from the lower lash line, draw a line at the outer corner of the eye, almost reaching the end of the eyebrow. Then pull the floss inward to the center of the eyelid and fill in the formed shape to complete the look. It is better to use a lower lash line before makeup. And avoid filling this style. Try using a nude-colored Cole pencil or a lighter-colored kajal to simplify this look.

6. Double Winged Liner look:

If a simple winged eyeliner can’t create enough drama for you, then give it a double liner. After perfecting a brim liner, position the lower lash line as close to the lashes as possible and extend it towards the brim. With the help of white eyeliner or eye shadow between them, clearly define the two wings. Enjoy the next glamorous party!