Tips for Flawless Foundation Application

“Skin should look like skin.” He noted that the purpose of the foundation is to level the skin, not as a mask or change the skin color. It should look natural, almost like you’re not wearing it at all. Ladies, your foundation is a reliable way to ensure flawless skin, even in a few days, your skin will behave abnormally. Choosing the right foundation formula and shade that perfectly matches your skin is very important, and you should also have great tools and reliable techniques to use it. That’s the thing: each application technology will provide you with different levels of coverage and effects. If you want to learn to strengthen the basic game, read on to learn how to apply the basic concepts perfectly.

How To Apply Liquid Foundation Using A Beauty Sponge – Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1: Prep Your Face
Start with a clean canvas. Use a mild cleanser to clean your face, use toner, and then use a light moisturizing lotion or cream to moisturize well. Give the moisturizer some time to absorb into the skin, then use the foundation. After proper cleansing and hydration, no flaking, dry patches, or textured skin, the liquid foundation always looks its best. “You have to make sure the skin is smooth, not dry, not greasy

Step 2: Know Your Undertone
The correct foundation shade is to apply to the face. If it disappears on your skin without a problem, then it is the correct color. Many highlights are organized according to the level of hues, so knowing the hues (warm, gold, tan, olive, pink, neutral, etc.) will help you choose the right shade. (From winter to summer, your skin tone can be very different, so having “summer shade” and “winter shade” is not a bad idea, you can easily combine them to perfect your tone.)

Step 3: Apply Your Foundation
Your fingers are very suitable for the mixed cream base because the heat from the fingers will melt the formula on your skin more gently. Dampen the sponge with water or spray on some cosmetic styling spray. Then place the base on the back of your hand. Pick up some product with the other end of the beauty sponge, then apply from the center of the face, then mix well. This can be done more effectively by tapping or bouncing action. To blend it into a smaller area (like around the nose or under the eyes), use the narrow end of the sponge with the same bouncing motion.

Step 4: Treat dark circles and blemishes, but not the same way
Since under-eye shadows tend to be bluish or purple, no matter your skin tone, a pink, peach, or yellow under-eye concealer can help remove this shadow. For acne, choose a dark-toned formula that suits your skin tone, because any light-colored formula will draw your attention to what you want to cover. A small concealer brush is better to hide it, as your fingers can smudge it. Here you pursue precision.

Step 5: Set Your Foundation
Use translucent powder or your favorite setting powder, then use a brush to set the foundation. Now that your foundation is complete, you can do the rest of your makeup as usual. . This prevents makeup from slipping and reduces excess oil and shine. If you have oily skin, you don’t want to skip this step, but for dry skin (or if you want a wet look), you can use a smaller powder brush to locate the powder. If the powder doesn’t work for you, you can also try setting the spray.
Regardless of the application method you choose, you should start with a primer to match your skin tone (for example, your forehead is often oilier than your cheeks, so if your face is different, the foundation will look different). use a primer). Remember, the foundation should not be used as a moisturizer. You want your foundation to resemble your skin, so use a foundation where you need it rather than rubbing it all over. The same general rule of thumb for powder is correct, a primer should be used to set the look. If you have oily skin, you can use a whole powder. If you want to blow dry around the cheeks and nose, simply powder your forehead and chin. After setting the appearance, Martin recommends that you use bronzer or blush to restore the tone and life of your skin.